A Gorean Bakery and Cafe

located in the heart of Gor

Gorean Bakery and Cafe

Gorean Bakery and Cafe

The original Bakery was located in the Heart of Ar The Old Bakery and Cafe is ideally situated for tourists and business people alike. The BakeryCafe was conviently located in the business core of Ar, near The Black Tarn Tavern  and Ar Markets, and many other shops it give the Free a variety of things to do before coming in and enjoying a special treat or light meal. It is now located in Gor...and keeps the same locations near the port and in the heart of the city.

We started as a little bread bakery, supplying fresh-baked bread to local customers around City. People loved our breads so much, we couldn’t help but evolve into a cafe where we could serve equally remarkable sandwiches. This, of course, led to delightful sweets, savory panini, crisp salads, and hearty bowls of soups and stews.

Before we knew it, we were a neighborhood favorite in communities all over—a place to find a warm welcome. Where people can gather with friends or hide out on their own. A place where fresh, innovative food is served up with unsurpassed quality and consistency by passionate employees. A place still dedicated to keeping our neighbors, friends and guests happy, in their special little Corner of the world.

Our commitment to making the highest quality Sa Tarna bread. We are an artisan bakery creating handmade, Gorean-style rustic breads. The gentle shaping of each loaf, long periods for slow rising, and a stone-deck oven, all work to create exceptionally flavourful breads.  



The display case in the corner of the cafe is crammed with sweets like cupcakes laden with marshmallow-based icing, sticky coconut macaroons, fudgy ramberry brownies dunked in chocolate and monster-size cookies. Whole cakes, such as the 1,000 chocolate chip cake or the vanilla cake studded with bits of fruit, are a hit for birthdays, though don't feel shy feasting on a slice by yourself.

Everything on the menu, from the savory breakfast casserole to chewy bread loaded with  verr cheese, is made from scratch on site.