A Gorean Bakery and Cafe

located in the heart of Gor

Breakfast menu

GorToast,~ Fresh SaTarna bread dip in a mixture of honey, vulo eggs and thick bosk cream, Once completely soak in the mixture, it is places on the hearth in a pan and cook till golden brown on both side. When served it is topped with fresh whip 

Hot softened oats with soaked in a warm bosk cream, sliced apricots with a drizzle of honey

Warm golden Sa Tarna toast with homemade ram berry jam

Scrumptious sweet rolls drizzled with honey

Vulo eggs boiled served with tarsk strips and SaTarna bread


Evening & Miday Menu


Grainy Sa Tarna roll with fresh smoked tarsk, tasty verr cheese and shredded lettuce

Grainy Sa Tarna Roll with chopped vulu eggs with shredded lettus

Grainy Sa Tarna Roll, with warm roasted bosk meat that is smothier in melted cheese, drizzled with a honey dressing, and for those who like a bit of spice ask for the girl