A Gorean Bakery and Cafe

located in the heart of Gor

The Gor BakeryCafe is now open for business.

We welcome Customers to come in and relax and enjoy one of out many delightful sweets or if you are hungry enjoy a sandwich or homemade meat pie. Each day there is a daily special that muriel and Maitane have prepared special for the Patrons of the Bakery.

Eat in, Take out or have Us deliver . The bakery now accepting orders on a daily or weekly rotation or what ever suits your schedule, at a very reasonable price.

Have that special person that is celebrating a birthday, why not surprise them with a cake that is design by Maitane and her skilful and talented slaves. Or You just want to show that special somone that You care. Why not say it with a stack of brownies or a heart shape choc chip coookie or a cream fill pastry.

At the ArBakeryCafe, We will make sure that We give your order that supreme attention to detail and make sure the order is  unque to Your specifications. And for that final touch when We deliver Your order, We will include a card with your personalize message that will be given to the person for thier eyes only unless specified differently.

Please see the price list below and if You do not see what You are looking please do not hesitate to ask Maitane as She will surely try to accommodate You and Your needs.

Sweet Menu

Dozen Tarts or Muffins                       1 tarsk bit

Dozen Cookies                                      2 tarsk bits

A Fruit  Pie                                             2 tarks bits

Sweet Rolls                                            1 tarsk  bit each or 6 for 1 copper tarsk

Individual cookies                                1 tarsk bit each or 6 for 3 tarsk bits

Speciality treats                                    1 tarks bit each or 6 for 3 tarks bits

A Fruit  Pie                                             2 tarsk bits

A Sponge Cake plain                            2  tarsk bits

      single layer

A Sponge Cake                                      3 tarsk bits

         wth multi layer, filling. &decorate


Bread Menu

Sa Tarna Bread plain                           1  tarsk bit per loaf

Sa Tarna Bread specialty brands       2  tarsk bit per loaf

Sa Tarna Rolls                                       1  tarsk  bit per dozen

Black Bread                                           1 tarsk bit


Meals Menu

Breakfast Meal ~                                 3 tarsk bits

Evening Meal~                                    1  copper tarsk

   includes pie of choice or stew, sweet and beverage

Soup                                                       1 tarsk bit

Fruit, Cheese and Sa Tarna ~             2 tarsk bits

Sandwich with sul salad                    2  tarsk bits

Stew                                                       2  tarks bits

Dozen Meat Pie                                    5 tarsk bits

Beverage Menu

Juice                                                       2  tarsk bits

Bosk Milk                                             1  tarsk  bits

Bazi Tea                                                 2 tarsk bits

Blackwine                                             1 copper tarsk

Hot Chocolate                                       2 tarsk bits


Bulk orders


1/2 Stone of tea leaves                          10 tarsk coin

Stone of tea leaves                                 20 tarsk coin

8 stones of tea leaves packed loosely in burlap bag ~ 1 silver coins


Blackwine Beans

1/2 Stone of beans                                20 tarsk coin

Stone of beans                                       35 tarsk  coins

4 stones of Beans packed in burlap bag   ~ 1  silver tarsk



1/3 Stone of spice                      2 copper tarns

spices in stock, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, nutmeg

Salts                                                     market price at time

Red Salt of Kasra

White Salt Klima



4 tarsk bits = 1copper tarsk coin

100 of those copper tarsk coins = 1silver tarsk
10 silver tarsks in a gold tarn
2 gold tarns to a double-weight gold tarn