A Gorean Bakery and Cafe

located in the heart of Gor

Special Orders Welcome

Here at the Gor Bakery Cafe , We welcome Your special request for that special Someone in Your life. Below You can see some of the work that Soliss and her well trained kettle slave have prepare for The Free around Gor.

Birthday Greetings

Display #1

On the table lies a box that is covered with a fine brown silk with a big yellow bow on top. As one would approach the display the fragrances start to drift up teasing Ones senses, with a mixture of sweet and spearmint , vanilla and of course the deep rich smell of chocolate

A white laced candied tray with mint and ramberries  scattered making a bed for the 1 ½ foot  dark chocolate  Horn. The horn has a faint heart in the middle with the letter J embedded in it. The horn holds a stunning  array of a dozen yellow roses. Each petal is made from a single confetti of chocolate, wrapped in colored rence paper and assembled to become a beautiful Yellow flower.

 Peeking out the centre is a red candy rose that appears to be in bloom. Gourmet chocolate truffles and candy floral stems with sprigs of spearmint, peek out the top of the horn.


Catering Menu for an FC cermony

As the Free  gather in the main hall, the flames seem to dim and then burn brightly as if they were bowing to each Free as they entered.  As each Free enter the Great Hall , they are guided by candles leading them in and directly towards the table where the feast is layed out,  and then to scatted furs around the room , the scent of the  feast fills the air,  tantalizing their noses as They draw closer.

 As Thier eyes cast over the tables They will see the many delicates laid out to tempt the palettes of each of the Free,  

A platter holding a 40 lb Roasted Tumit that is stuffed with raisins, nuts, onions and honey and  is brushed with blended paste of Black peppercorns, garlic, fennel seeds, tospit zest, and rosemary are all of which  gives this Tumit the  flavors and the aroma permeated the entire breast, to make Ones mouth water with delight

Bosk strips that are marinade in select seasonings and blush turian wine. The bosk is braised with onion wedges and bell pepper straps. The bosk is serve over bed of steamed tur-pah leaves .

 A platter of Sliced tarsk, that have been threaded on a metal rods with slices of peppers. larma, and onions  that have been roasted to sweet excellence and then places it to the right of the tumit.

Two platters with Bosk steaks grilled to perfection with a hint of garlic and spices and

Brolied Cosian wingfish with a miso-lime glaze, roasted peaches with , a simple salad and frosted heart-shaped mini-cakes to the left side of the table and the other with Platters of Fresh Bazi Oysters that are dusted SaTarna flour mixture anddeep fried in pure peanut oil until they are golden brown. Our batter isseasoned with granulated garlic, white pepper, cayenne pepper, red salt and parsley to teh right side of the table

A bowl of  katch with tiny bits of peaches, and a ramberry vinaigrette and a bowl of  baked suls, broken open, and covered with melted  verr cheeses