A Gorean Bakery and Cafe

located in the heart of Gor

Working Menu

Below is the beginings of the GorBakery and Cafe menu. We welcome You to take a quick peek at what Soliss is working on to bring You in the near future . This is by no means complete and may not even be near the finish product.



Brownie s  ~ made from the finest cocoa that has been imported from Earth mixed with the verr butter and touch of spice unique to the bakery, these brownies have become a favourite of many FM around the Lands of Gor

Date Squares  ~ A crumbly but still-slightly-warm square,that is filled with sweet, buttery, oaty goodness and red clay dates imported from the city of Tor. 

A Pure and Simple treat. Served with a glass of  cold bosk milk, it is a  perfect treat in the afternoon.

Verr Butter Tarts  ~ another delicious sweet created by the bakery freshly made verr butter that is churned in the bakery each morning mixed with a sweet syrup and hints of dried Sa Ta grapes from the Isle  of Cos cooked in a light flaky pastry shell a favourite for anyone that wants something to help satisfy that sweet craving.

Ramberry Tarts ~ only the most ripe berries that our picked by the slaves of the Inn and then inspected by Maitane are used when creating this sweet but tart  treat. The berries are simmered with the unique spice to the bakery and then filled in a light flaky pastry shell and then baked

Larma Tarts~ each month the staff of the bakery will make a trip to the orchards outside of Ar and pick baskets of larma. Larma tarts have a hint of sweet taste but when simmered in the spice unique to ArBakery and Café it melts in the mouth of the Free. Again this mixture is filled in a light flaky pastry and baked to perfection.

Topsit Tarts ~a filling for the Free that enjoys a pucker when enjoying a tart. The topsits offer a sour tangy taste when baked in a light flaky pastry. 


Why settle for a slice of the good life when you can have the whole pie? GorBakeryCafe makes dessert easy with our delicious selection of freshly baked pies. Larma, Blueberry, Ramberry, Topsits and Pumpkin varieties are always an all year round favorite. Crammed full of luscious fruit and enveloped in a mouth watering flaky crust, our pies are the perfect end to any meal

Custards, puddings served warm (working scroll)

  "The girls, carrying their trays, knelt before the table. (…) On one tray were assorted pastries; on the other was a variety of small, spiced custards." Guardsman of Gor, p. 239

  "Verr was roasted, and puddings made. Sa-Tarna bread was brought forth and heated." Slave Girl of Gor


Mouth watering, Scrumptious, Yummy, Delicious, Tasty, Hot, Warm, Chilled, Cold, Munchy, Crunchy,

Crisp, Chunky, Fresh, Refreshing, Juicy, Sweet, Healthy, Grilled, Toasted, Homemade, Techni-colour,

colours, Super, Super duper, Ultra Cool, Supremo, Deluxe, Pumped Up, Surprise, Mini

Melted cheese, drizzled with honey/dressing, covered in, smothered in, sliced (e.g. sliced avocado),

stuffed, sprinkled with, sprinkle of, lightly toasted, buttered, served with, dollop, bunch, handful, mixed,

range of, variety

Example Breakfast Menu

Hot porridge with sliced banana with a drizzle of honey

Warm golden tSa Tarna toast with homemade ramberry jam

Scrumptious crumpets drizzled with honey